April Showers

April 4, 2019


Towards the end of March we were lulled into a false security with some wonderful weather and just as we were considering putting away the winter wardrobe we were stopped in our tracks by a cold snap,  along with April showers. 


Walking in Shadows, Hoi An, Vietnam


So at the gallery,  in a move to counteract the drop in temperature,  we have done some re-hanging.  Gerald in a bid to lift our spirits has chosen paintings of far away places such as Tanjl in Gambia and Hoi An, in Vietnam,  both by Patrick Gibbs, .



Fishing Boat, Tanjl, Gambia


These Patrick Gibbs paintings,  whose simplistic depictions of local life in exotic places invoke a feeling of warmth and well being, with his vibrant whites that pop and wonderful turquoise hues.


In between showers come and see these charming works for yourself.

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