Paul Treasure at The Wykeham Gallery

October 2, 2020
Paul Treasure at The Wykeham Gallery

This October will be the start our Paul Treasure exhibition and we're exicited to be filling our gallery with his latest work. 

Living and working in Hampshire, Paul has an expressive and energetic style that is full of colour.  His paintings capture the emotion and feeling of a place, responding to the ever-changing English landscapes.  Last year, BBC Countryfile featured Paul and the chalk streams of the River Itchen where he has much inspiration for his paintings.


Paul Treasure - Marks of a Changing Season
Paul Treasure is a British painter known for his expressive oil paintings reflecting the natural world. Characterised by movement, texture and gestural brushwork, Treasure’s paintings capture the underlying emotion of a place.


Inspiration comes at every turn, from the scenic shores of the Cornish coast, to the chalk streams of the Test Valley. Light, and the interplay between light and colour, sit at the heart of Treasure’s oil paintings. Together with his signature use of a palette knife, Treasure’s application of colour and attention to light gives each of his paintings a tangible sense of depth. Whether reflecting chaos or calm, his paintings are unified by their ability to portray the essence of nature.



 Paul Treasure - beginnings

Born in Gloucestershire in 1961, Treasure studied at Cheltenham College of Art before moving to London to live and work. During this time, his art gained international recognition and was commissioned for public works of art, as well as private collections.


Before too long, Treasure was off seeking new sources of inspiration, and in 1991 he embarked on a year travelling the world. Journeying through Africa, India, South East Asia and Central America, Treasure explored the rich textures, vibrant colours and ever-changing character of the natural world.


Following the several solo shows that led on from Treasure’s travels, in 1993 he was commissioned as the expedition artist of the first ever crossing of the Taklamakan Desert in North West China. 



Having travelled to the far-flung corners of the world, Treasure is forever drawn to the fleeting moments of nature that form its ever-changing identity. He often paints instinctively from memory, and for Treasure, the act of painting is the act of absorbing oneself in the elements. Treasure’s practice is routed in immersing himself in every aspect of his painterly process. He sees the mixing of paint, the building of textures and the act of mark making as a visual transference of emotion. Bursts of colour illuminate Treasure’s studio, as his palettes often become paintings and his paintings seep onto the surrounding walls.


This spontaneity is reflected in each and every work of art, and the artist follows an entirely intuitive approach to produce a multi-sensory body of work.


A solo show at the Wykeham Gallery
Now living and working in Hampshire, the rivers and chalk streams of the Test Valley are an endless source of inspiration to Treasure, as are the seascapes of the south coast.

Marks of a Changing Season is the artist’s first solo show with The Wykeham Gallery and presents a wide range of the artist’s recent works. From overgrown riverbanks to atmospheric ocean blues, the exhibition shows Treasure’s unique ability to capture the transient spirit of the natural world.


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