Stephen Kinder b. 1970

Stephen Kinder was born in West London in 1970.  He has painted all of his life and in 2020 he was selected as a contestant in the 2021 Sky Landscape Artist of the Year award.

He says of his work: " I have always found great comfort in the landscape, and am constantly drawn to reflect this connection in the form of paintings both as small pieces on location and large studio pieces. I am intrigued by the ever-changing weather and seasons, which so dramatically change a locality. My work intends to be a reaction to the essence of a place. Some of my work is instinctive, drawing on location whilst other work derives from a memory or in response to a place visited. I find the way that light falls across the landscape and creates a particular mood an inspiration for intensely focussed compositional studies drawn in situ, capturing that particular moment in time. Some of these places and landscapes I re-visit time and again and it is through my exploration and reflections that I have developed a deeper understanding of certain locations."

Stephen has been Head of Creative Arts at Prior’s Field School in Godalming for the past 15 years.  During that time he has regularly held both solo and group exhibitions.

His work sells both nationally and internationally.