Valeria Fano

With an Italian father and an Argentinian mother Valeria Fano was born in Buenos Aires. Since 2017 she has lived in Burgundy. She started her career as an artist at Cambridge University (1980 to 1981) and then studied Art History in 1985 at the School of Architecture of the University of Florence.  Returning to her native city of Buenos Aires she pursued her art studies with Kenneth Kemble and thereafter with Maggie Atienza.
In 1997 she presented her first individual art exhibition at the Pan-American Hotel of Buenos Aires. That same year, sponsored by the Argentine Consulate in New York, she presented her works at the Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York. In 2000 she adopted a unique abstract style which has personalized and characterized her work ever since.
In 2005, she was selected by the Department of Culture of the Argentine Senate as a solo artist to present her works at the Golden Hall of the National Congress. She thereafter donated an artwork which is now at the Parliamentary Museum of Buenos Aires.
In 2007 she took part in Venice at the Pardes Institute (Rosetto Dialetico). This work was presented under the name of “Cosmo Pasionale”.  In 2008 she donated several art works to the Point Coeur Foundation which were sold in New York by Sotheby’s. In 2016 The World Bank acquired four art pieces for their Washington DC headquarters. 
In 2018 she showed at Art Expo in New York as well as the Venice Biennale in the "It’s Liquid" Gallery in a show named “Anima Mundi”. In 2020 she began showing in Punta del Este and in February 2020 she showed her work in the Grand Palais, Paris selected by a Jury. 
Valeria Fano exhibits her works in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Spain, Italy, the United States and in the United Kingdom exclusively with the Wykeham Gallery.
She is presently living and working in Burgundy.