Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson began studying pottery part-time before going on to study studio ceramics at Harrow School of Art, where he was taught by the renowned ceramic sculptor, Mo Jupp. After qualifying he taught for a short period in London before moving to Cornwall, where he established his pottery in 1979.

Paul Jackson has developed various ranges of highly decorated ware, many of which are loosely based on French and Italian ceramic forms and motifs. Also central to his pieces is the female nude, with life drawing direct from the model informing his decorative design. More recently, Paul has been influenced by Russian and Islamic art forms and this process can be seen in the painterly abstraction on some of his decorative motifs.

The unique character of Paul’s work derives from two inter-related processes: each piece is first thrown on the wheel, and then subtly altered in form, giving the pot an individual character and strength. The decoration completes the journey where the pot’s elegance and sense of balance grow directly out of the artist’s concern for harmony between form, colour and the painted surface. The driving force behind all Paul Jackson's work is energy and often depicts his Cornish surroundings with their strong sense of colour and style. His sinuous forms create sensations of movement and life and the possibilities for change, which are always present in the wet clay but are only revealed once the exploration has begun.

He has exhibited regularly and widely in both the United Kingdom and USA and his work can be found in many major galleries.