Scott Shore is self-taught and instinctual, he sculpts what he sees, which is the essence of his subjects, expressing their own distinctive life force.

Scott works by maintaining a strict focus on anatomical accuracy, with the imperfections and asymmetry of organic growth. By staying attentive to the essential movement and attitudes of his pieces, he captures a deeper meaning to all of his creations. His sculptures capture the beauty of the subject in a classic yet timeless style, portraying them in a unique light, spirit and behaviour.

Unencumbered by preconceived ideas or outwardly imposed models of what art should be, he is free to create without external expectations or guidance. His flare for creativity and extraordinary talent, dramatically distinguishes him from his trained counterparts. Scott’s ability to recreate the elegance and form of the living expresses his personal vision, uncompromised by conventions or formalities.

Driven by pure creativity he is an artist who will only work on subjects that resonate with him, drawing from his many influences ranging from the great masters to the evolution of the animal kingdom.