Wykeham Young Art Project - Textile 2019 Winner

August 2, 2019

As we enter the month of August our Textile Winner from Peter Symonds, Daisy Hall,  has her designs Beach and Woodland and Fungi, in pride of place in the front High Street window.


The Wykeham Young Arts Project is in its final week and it seems to be a fitting end that 

a wonderful back story has emerged following Gerald’s inclusion of textiles into the project.  


Having just been to the opera at The Grange Festival, where the gallery is a founder member, Gerald’s memory was jogged by what he saw at the Textile Department at Peter Symond’s College whilst selecting a painting for this year’s gallery window. He felt that these seriously impressive textile designs, akin to any costume design for modern theatre or opera were a natural inclusion into this year’s gallery scheme.  Both The Grange Festival and the Wykeham Gallery are committed supporters of not only music and art but believe very strongly in supporting the emerging talent of local communities. 


The story does not end there, however, as it has since transpired that the Head of Textiles,  Beki Vaile, whilst doing her BA (Hons) several years ago actually did the photographic shoots for her costume project at The Grange long before it became the venue for such an exciting operatic and dance season.  What a coincidence and what a perfect conclusion to another very successful Wykeham Gallery Young Arts Project for 2019. 


It has all tied in wonderfully and the gallery is very grateful to the schools and students for supporting us in exhibiting the work.

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