Edward Hutchison: Closely Observed Landscapes

5 - 19 March 2021

We are delighted to host landscape architect, Edward Hutchison's first one man show in the Wykeham Gallery - Closely Observed Landscapes.














An e-catalogue, giving greater background and understanding to online art exhibition, can be viewed by clicking the button below.


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Alternatively please click the adjacent image to view all of the work in the online exhibition, all of which is currently for sale.


Edward has written of the exhibition: 

As we humans become increasingly urbanised, we begin to lose our connection with and understanding of landscape and nature. This lack of empathy with the natural environment leads all too often to crude decisions which impact both locally and on the planet as a whole.  These paintings attempt to portray the intimate life which exists within the soil, between wild flowers and in the forests. The abstracted images are conversation pieces, intended to stimulate interest and enquiry into the natural environment which ultimately sustains us.


Hal Moggridge writes of the show:

"Beauty of colour characterises these pictures. Seen together the pictures range across every colour, but each individual image uses a restrained palette, consistent within itself. Overlaid on the colours are mobile shapes derived from direct observation of the landscape, reflecting the fact that Edward is by training and practice a landscape architect".