Edward Hutchison

Edward Hutchison is qualified both as an architect and landscape architect.  His early days of training were at The Royal College of Art in London where, under the tutelage of Sir Hugh Casson, P.R.A. he learned both the enjoyment and necessity of being able to express his thoughts and designs  in detailed sketches made en plein air. 


Drawing on site has became his passion.  Whilst working as a landscape architect with Norman Foster, he was involved in a commission to redesign the space surrounding the Maison Carée in Nîmes, one of only two intact Roman temples in the Mediterranean area.   To understand better the genius loci of the site, he spent one week drawing its locality and reached the conclusion that existing archaeological plans of the Roman site were incorrect.  Discussions with the Mayor of Nîmes followed and eventually the French Government re-excavated the entire area, proving Hutchison correct in his surmises.


A professional lifetime spent drawing on site led to the publication of Hutchison’s book Drawing for Landscape Architecture, published in 2011 by Thames and Hudson, now in second edition.   Over and again he emphasises the necessity to experience directly the energy and vitality of an environment, to be able to appreciate fully the dynamism of the cycle of organic natural life.


Edward Hutchison advocates for the environment.  He has presented to Government and attended COP26 in Glasgow.  In 2021, Hutchison co-founded Landscape Matters, a quarterly magazine and debate series to explore landscape concepts and concerns, and to “break down the silo thinking” that surrounds landscape.