Adam Roud

After completing his studies at Liverpool John Moore University Adam began his working life at "Atelier" a small family run Art Foundry serving his apprenticeship learning the complexities of the lost wax casting process.

Many famous sculptors spent time at the start of their careers working at art foundries whilst continuing with their own work on the side. Learning invaluable lessons in understanding and working with a multitude of materials, handling clay, wax and a range of casting metals!

Adam would agree that this time working in a Foundry was well spent. Adam's remarkable work be it his more figurative animal studies of Stags, Bulls or Horses which capture life, or his studies into abstract form, have at their heart a crucial understanding of drawing and draftsmanship.

Weight, balance, poise, light and shade are at the core of the work and they fuel the process in the studio. These concerns and his understanding of them, combined with his highly developed modelling ability, allows him to create pieces which defy gravity and are bursting with movement; pushing bronze to the limit.