Alejandro Debonis

Alejandro Lucas Debonis was born in Buenos Aires in 1955 into an artistic environment. His passion for drawing came at a very early age, being influenced by his father who introduced him into painting and stood by his side during his career. He studied art at the Academy of Spanish Professor Vicente Puig and also attended the University of Architecture in Buenos Aires .

Spending his summers on the Atlantic coast in the elegant city of Punta del Este (Uruguay) he received constant inspiration throughout his youth. His trips to the Caribbean and Mediterranean Coasts ended up shaping the themes of beaches, with its fishermen and the white houses with pure skies. It was during this stage in which his palette and the light of his painting were defined. His landscape paintings express not only calmness and peace, but also spiritual adventure as well as passion and love for painting, where atmosphere, densities and characters are hidden.

Lately, Debonis has introduced abstract art into his work, showing elements of cubism and surrealism.

He exhibits at art galleries in Argentina and abroad. His paintings are to be found in private art collections around the world. Debonis has been featured and listed in many reputable and well established art magazines and publications.