Martin Hayward-harris

Martin Hayward-Harris was born in 1959 in Reading, Berkshire. He studied illustration at the Berkshire College of Art and Design. Martin started his career in films and television producing models of animals for films such as GorkyPark. In 1984 he was employed at the Natural History museum in London to work on the whale Gallery refit and produced a scale model of a Blue Whale and Calf which is still on show today.
In 1988 Martin moved to the National Museum of Denmark and then on to Sweden. He produced his first bronze in 1991 a Bull Elephant.  During the nineties his work was auctioned by Christies London in support of the WWF, and his etchings and oils raised funds for Whaletail Auctions by Sotheby's. 

Martin has produced many monumental sculptures for clients both in Europe and the far East and taught on the subject of bronze patination in China in 2007.