Liz Knox DA (Edin.) PAI

Liz Knox graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1971 where she studied drawing and painting under Sir Robin Philipson and David Michie.  She then spent years bringing up her sons and lecturing in fine art, with little time to paint, until 2003 when she decided to leave lecturing to paint full time. On the same day Liz was awarded the prestigious “Aspect Art Prize”. Since then her art work become increasingly sought after and as Jan Patience of The Herald says: 'Liz Knox has gone on to become one of Scotland's most collectable contemporary artists'.

Liz Knox is the recipient of numerous art awards.  She is an elected artist member of The Glasgow Art Club, Paisley Art Institute, Visual Arts Scotland and The Glasgow Society of Women Artists. She is currently, President of The Paisley Art Institute and a council member of The Glasgow Art Club.

Talking about her paintings Liz Knox says: 'There is a personal reaction to the subject. The still life and outdoor works are my response to the subject on a particular occasion. Other work is more difficult to explain. It's to do with thoughts, random thoughts, daydreams, reminiscences, the scattered disconnected ephemera that skips back and forth in the mind. Visual imagery attracts me but the sensation from the source is the reason for the painting. Basically, I paint.'

As the art critic Giles Sutherland wrote of Liz’s work: “Approaching Liz Knox’s work needs consideration, thought and time. Knox has honed her own style and painterly language for 35 years or more. Her language is paint and all the techniques, compositional devices and means of expression which fluency in this medium demands. Knox creates personal narratives by painting the objects, places, moods and feelings which surround and envelop her in everyday life. She responds to locale, to atmosphere, to light and colour.”