Jane Duff

Jane Duff writes of her work:

"I gravitate to wild areas where I love the drama of ever-changing light and weather as well as the solitude and peace which helps to concentrate the mind. I am a photographer and a painter influenced by these wonderful natural landscapes. I have traditionally found my inspiration in N. W. Scotland, mid-Wales and the far west of Cornwall, but recently I have also been painting in Oxfordshire.

 The practicalities of working outside are always challenging but I always try to work in situ unless I am painting very large scale or if the weather is just too cold, wet or unpredictable. I enjoy the liberating physicality of using paint on a large scale, experimenting loosely with big brushes, rags, sponges or using my hands whenever appropriate. The ever-changing light of these wild places forces me to react spontaneously, emotionally and be brave with my work. I work with black and white emulsions and acrylic and charcoal as well as in oils."