Tim Gustard

After gaining a BA (Hons) in fine art at Stoke City Art School, Tim Gustard decided to pursue a career as a professional artist. Painting mostly landscapes and architectural subjects he first worked in oils and then tempera. In the late 1980s he developed a passion for still life subjects and since then he has concentrated on this genre, perfecting the skills and techniques for which he is now so well known and recognised.

The defining characteristic of Tim's still life lies in the highly individual way it is created. His paintings are small, beautifully composed and captivating in their detail. He paints in acrylic on paper, specialising in carefully considered arrangements of fruit, porcelain, fishing memorabilia as well as silver and glass.

His work and subjects are reminiscent of the classic still lifes of Chardin and the Dutch masters. While his inspiration may have come from some of the great painters of the past, especially in his early still lifes, his style is very much his own. "What I find especially fascinating about this type of subject matter is creating the illusion of light and space. Each object has its significance, in terms of its position and size, but equally there has to be a convincing suggestion of the space around and between objects.” He believes that the simplest arrangements are often the most successful and thus he seldom includes more than three or four objects in each painting.

Tim's work has been exhibited in a wide variety of prestigious group and solo shows, his paintings have been shown at the Royal Academy and with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and other Societies. These include the Royal Scottish Academy, Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours, Royal Glasgow Institute and Royal Scottish Society of Watercolour Painters.